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  • Afrikaans sonder grense eerste addisionele taal : Graad 7 Leesboek R135.00

    Afrikaans sonder grense is ‘n volledige taalreeks vir Afrikaans as Eerste Addisionele Taal. Die taalreeks strek van Graad 1 tot Graad 12 en voldoen aan al die vereistes van die Nasionale Kurrikulum- en Assesseringsbeleidsverklaring (NKABV).
    Afrikaans sonder grense Eerste addisionele taal is noukeurig gestruktureer en geskryf om aan al die vereistes van die nasionale Kurrikulum- en Assesseringbeleidsverklaring (KABV) te voldoen. Die kursus neem jou kwartaal-vir-kwartaal deur die kurrikuluminhoud en poog om by die behoeftes in jou klaskamer aan te pas. Die lesreekse is rondom ‘n verskeidenheid interessante leestekste soos gedigte, kortverhale, koerantberigte, advertensies, tydskrifartikels, strokiesverhale, dialoe, prente en foto’s opgebou, om ‘n verskeidenheid taalgebruike te illustreer en die leerder se verbeelding voortdurend te prikkel. Sterk klem word op luister en praat, leesvaardighede en skryfontwikkeling geplaas om aan te pas by die tydstoekenning per taalvaardigheid. Die leerderboek sluit af met ‘n taalafdeling met taalreels, voorbeelde en oefeninge vir vaslegging, asook ‘n voorbeeldvraestel.

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    Basic Accounting for non Accountants R350.00

    Accounting is a system of gathering, analysing, recording, reporting and interpreting financial information that will assist in making informed business decisions. The accounting discipline is constantly changing in response to the external environment and is both stimulating and forsearching. Basic accounting and non accounting is an introductory text that covers aspects of financial accounting, cost and management accounting and financial management.
    Basic accounting for non accountants includes comprehensive illustrative examples that are easy to understand. All chapters have been updated and additional tutorial questions have been provided to give students sufficient practice to reinforce that newly acquired knowledge. This third edition also covers a new topic – Capital budgeting.

    Author:Melanie Cloete

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  • Black Tax: Burden or Ubuntu? R200.00

    A secret anguish for some, a proud responsibility for others, black tax draws heated and wide-ranging reactions. While the debate rages, these payments and other forms of support to family members remain a daily reality for many black South Africans. Black tax has its historical roots in the inequalities created by apartheid and the loss of land. Consequently, thousands of black South Africans still live in poverty today. Some believe black tax is an undeniable part of black culture and part of the philosophy of ubuntu.

    Others feel they should not have to take over what is essentially a government responsibility and should be allowed to focus on building their own wealth. In this book, award-winning author Niq Mhlongo has brought together deeply personal stories that tease apart a multitude of thought-provoking perceptions on black tax by well-known writers, such as Dudu Busani-Dube, Sifiso Mzobe, Fred Khumalo, Mohale Mashigo, Thanduxolo Jika and many other new voices.

    The stories cover an engrossing cross-section of experiences, ranging from the student who diverts bursary money to put food on the table back home, family members who make outrageous demands on individuals often resulting in debt to look after their families, to people who are happy to open their homes to provide shelter to jobseekers or the downtrodden. In giving voice to the many different perspectives on this topical issue, this book hopes to start a dialogue about this undeniable part of the lived reality of black South Africans.

    Author: Niq Mhlongo

  • Foundations of Economics R350.00

    Assuming no prior knowledge of economics, this exciting new text focuses on the basic principles of micro and macroeconomics, giving the reader the tools to analyse any economic situation. The book is filled with topical examples that bring the subject to life, helping to show the relevance of economics to real life situations such as why house prices are so high in the UK or the benefits of spending an extra hour on your assignment.

    This book will give the reader a solid foundation in order to understand the business environment or it can serve as the building blocks for further study in economics and business. The content is broken into short bite sized units and the theory is illustrated throughout with topical examples and short case studies. There are a variety of pedagogical features throughout that allow readers to reflect on their learning and apply their understanding.

    Author(s): Andrew Gillespie

  • Labour Law Rules! 3rd edition R370.00

    The book is aimed principally at students who engage with Labour law for the first time during their studies. Labour law is a compulsory subject for LLB students, and increasingly so for Bcom students at South African universities. In addition, IR and HR practitioners, line managers, supervisors and union officials will all find the book useful.
    The contents cover the individual employment relationship in linear fashion from the time the contract of employment is concluded (and sometimes even earlier), through the course of the relationship during which employer’s conditions of employment must comply with minimum terms within a framework of regulated flexibility, and during which an employee is protected against unfair labour practices and unfair discrimination, up to the termination of employment when an employee is protected against unfair dismissal. Terminating the contract of employment for reasons other than dismissal such as resignation and retirement are also discussed. The rules of collective bargaining, which differ from the individual employment relationship, are also explained and interpreted. The rules of social security laws are explained by following the three themes of these laws, namely to prevent workplace injuries, to compensate injured or ill workers and to integrate them back into the workplace.

    Author(s): M McGregor & A Dekker; M Budeli-Nemakonde

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    Research Methods for Business Students (8th edition) Original price was: R1,325.00.Current price is: R1,100.00.

    “This accessible and clearly written textbook provides a comprehensive and in-depth treatment of philosophical, methodological and ethical aspects of conducting business and management research. Illustrative case studies drawing on published research studies are used throughout and readers are given multiple opportunities to consolidate their learning through review and discussion questions, quizzes, and other exercises. At the end of each chapter a case study takes the reader through the realities and practicalities of applying the knowledge to a specific student research project. This will be an invaluable guide for all students seeking to understand and undertake business and management research.” Professor Natasha Mauthner, Newcastle University With over 400,000 copies sold, Research Methods for Business Students, is the definitive and market-leading textbook for Business and Management students conducting a research-led project or dissertation. The fully revised 8th edition answers key questions such as: How do I choose my topic and design the research? Why is research philosophy relevant to my research? How do I collect and analyse my data? When and what do I need to write? With the 8th edition you will discover: u Fully updated chapters incorporating visual methods throughout, detailed insights on drafting the critical literature review, the latest EU data protection regulations, using audio recordings and visual images in observation research, collecting data using diaries, the use of online survey tools, and preparing and presenting an academic poster u New cases using up-to-date scenarios at the end of each chapter u Boxed examples throughout of research methods in the news, from student research and in published management research u A glossary of clear definitions of over 700 research-related terms u Practical guidance and opportunities for checking your learning and self-reflection to enable you to progress your own research u Detailed chapters on choosing your topic, critically reviewing the literature, understanding philosophies, research design, access and ethics, secondary data, data collection methods and analysis techniques and writing about and presenting your research u Teach yourself guides to research software available at www.pearsoned.co.uk/saunders with practice data sets About the authors Mark NK Saunders is Professor of Business Research Methods and Director of Postgraduate Research Programmes at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham. Philip Lewis was a Principal Lecturer and Adrian Thornhill was a Head of Department, both at the University of Gloucestershire.

    Author(s): Mark Saunders • Adrian Thornhill • Philip Lewis

  • Understanding Microeconomics R291.00

    A comprehensive introduction to microeconomics in general, set against a contemporary South African background. Covers all the material usually prescribed for introductory courses and lays a solid foundation for intermediate and advanced studies in economics.
    In microeconomics, the decisions and functioning of individual consumers and households (what to do, what to buy, etc.), and firms or other organisations (what goods to produce, how to produce them, what prices to charge, etc.) are considered. It includes the study of the demand, supply and prices of individual goods and services such as petrol, maize, haircuts and medical services.

    Understanding microeconomics is a comprehensive introduction to microeconomics in general, set against a contemporary South African background. The easy style and many practical examples make the content extremely accessible. The book covers all the material usually prescribed for introductory courses, and it lays a solid foundation for intermediate and advanced studies in economics. This second edition is a thoroughly revised and slightly expanded version of the original one. Examples have been adjusted (where necessary), a few new topics are introduced and review questions are provided at the end of each chapter.

    Author(s): Philip Mohr, Reyno Seymore & Derek Yu

  • Understanding the SA Labour Law: A Practical Guide to Key Issues R220.00

    The 5 Topics covered in this book where chosen as this seems to be the topics most employers have challenges with within the workplace…⁠

    One of the topics may surprise readers, as what is difficult about leave?? wait until you see how complex it can become and then you will see the potential difficulties that can arise in connection with leave… sayd Edward Davies…⁠

    1. Contract of Employment⁠
    2. Leave⁠
    3. Misconduct⁠
    4. Poor Work Performance⁠
    5. CCMA⁠

    Author: Q Edward Davies⁠

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