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    20 Habits That Break Habits Original price was: R250.00.Current price is: R190.00.

    After hitting a brick wall in both his business and personal life in 2006, Pepe Marais discovered his purpose on which he rebuilt all aspects of his life over the course of the next fourteen years. The results of his purposeful approach to life have been nothing short of spectacular and in this, his second book, Pepe once again sets out to deliver on his personal purpose: to bring out the best in those around him.
    The life lessons that Pepe provides in 20 Habits That Break Habits are based on Aristotle’s insight that we are what we repeatedly do, and that excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit. Through his own experience, Pepe has learnt that there are two kinds of habits: those that limit us and those that liberate us. And in order to eradicate a limiting habit, you simply have to replace it with a liberating one.

    Throughout this book, Pepe shares some of his own most limiting habits that held him back over the course of his journey, and the liberating habits he replaced each of them with in order to create a significant breakthrough in his own life. From turning wine into water, to replacing television with the kitchen table, if a book could come with a warning sign, then this one should.

    Because … it may just change your life!

    Author(s): Pepe Marais

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    A Family Affair Original price was: R299.00.Current price is: R220.00.

    Meet the Mafus, a close-knit, traditional family with three daughters. As leaders of their church, The Kingdom of God, Pastor Abraham and his wife Phumla are guiding the community of Bulawayo in faith, while trying to keep the different branches of their family intact.
    Independent and feisty Xoliswa returns home, after a hiatus abroad, hoping for a fresh start and a chance to steer the family business; rebellious Yandisa has met the love of her life and is finally getting her act together; while dutiful newlywed Zandile is slowly becoming disillusioned with her happily ever after.

    The Mafus always present a united front, but as their personal lives unravel, devastating secrets are revealed that threaten to tear the family apart. For how long will they be able to hide behind the façade of a picture-perfect family?

    Author: Sue Nyathi

  • AMAMPONDOMISE, A Story of Resilience R250.00

    The history of the AmaMpondomise nation: its origins, royal lineage and heritage, the wars it fought, its disintegration as a result of colonialism and apartheid, and its recognition and restoration as a kingdom in 2019.

    Samkelo Callaway Mtwana is a descendant of Nkosi Cwerha, the eldest son of King Ntose of AmaMpondomise. He was born in the Tsolo district of the Eastern Cape province, went to Jongilizwe College for sons of traditional leaders, and studied law at the University of Transkei (now Walter Sisulu University of Technology).

    Author(s): Samkelo Callaway Mtwana

  • Bassie - My Journey Of Hope (Hardcover) R280.00

    Basetsana Kumalo shot to fame as a fresh-faced Miss South Africa in 1994 and soon became the face of South Africa’s new democracy. As the first black presenter of the glamorous lifestyle TV show Top Billing, she travelled the world and interviewed superstars like Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, Jon Bon Jovi, Will Smith, the Bee Gees, Gloria Estefan and Luther Vandross. After a successful career in television, Bassie’s drive and ambition took her into the world of business. The street savvy that her entrepreneurial mother gave her stood her in good stead as she built a media empire. When she married the handsome businessman Romeo Kumalo in a fairytale wedding, they became South Africa’s sweethearts and ‘it’ couple.

    Bassie: My Journey Of Hope recounts the stories of Bassie’s life as a celebrity, including her relationships with mentors like Nelson Mandela, Winnie Madikizela- Mandela and Graça Machel. She also shares the secrets of her success and all the lessons she’s learnt along the way, and opens up about the pressures of her high-profile marriage to Romeo, their heartbreaking struggle to have a family, and how they made sure that their loving and respectful union has lasted two decades.

    Bassie also talks frankly about the domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of boxer Dingaan Thobela and the legal battles she had to fight to protect her name and her brand over the years. She gives her account of the stalker who harassed her for decades, and the nonexistent ‘sex-tape’ allegation that rocked her family and career, leading to painful experiences of cyber-bullying. It is an intimate, inspiring and entertaining account of a remarkable life.

    Author(s): Basetsana Kumalo

  • Black Tax: Burden or Ubuntu? R200.00

    A secret anguish for some, a proud responsibility for others, black tax draws heated and wide-ranging reactions. While the debate rages, these payments and other forms of support to family members remain a daily reality for many black South Africans. Black tax has its historical roots in the inequalities created by apartheid and the loss of land. Consequently, thousands of black South Africans still live in poverty today. Some believe black tax is an undeniable part of black culture and part of the philosophy of ubuntu.

    Others feel they should not have to take over what is essentially a government responsibility and should be allowed to focus on building their own wealth. In this book, award-winning author Niq Mhlongo has brought together deeply personal stories that tease apart a multitude of thought-provoking perceptions on black tax by well-known writers, such as Dudu Busani-Dube, Sifiso Mzobe, Fred Khumalo, Mohale Mashigo, Thanduxolo Jika and many other new voices.

    The stories cover an engrossing cross-section of experiences, ranging from the student who diverts bursary money to put food on the table back home, family members who make outrageous demands on individuals often resulting in debt to look after their families, to people who are happy to open their homes to provide shelter to jobseekers or the downtrodden. In giving voice to the many different perspectives on this topical issue, this book hopes to start a dialogue about this undeniable part of the lived reality of black South Africans.

    Author: Niq Mhlongo

  • Critical But, Stable (Paperback) R280.00

    Critical But Stable is a murder mystery/ thriller centered around four couples who from the outside are the picture of #blacklove and #Loveliveshere. They are all successful in their own right and part of a high-end stokvel called Khula Social Club.
    The idea behind the club is to pull funds together and collectively make short term investments while socializing with the ‘right’ people. In reality, none of them really need the money, the social club is an excuse to have extravagant parties and keep up appearances. We quickly learn that nothing is as it seems in the novel’s opening scene where a man is looking down at the naked body of a beautiful woman, who might be dead. We don’t know who either of them are but immediately sense that something bad has happened and she shouldn’t be where she is.

    As we get to know the couples we learn that behind closed doors they all face serious challenges in their relationships. Debt, sexual frustration and dangerous ambitions threaten to destroy everything they’ve built so far. They all try to deal with their issues quietly but as the opening scene suggests their journeys are anything but smooth. As the story progresses we piece together clues to who the woman might be and what happened to her.

    Author: Angela Makholwa

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  • Grasping At Straws (Book One) R250.00

    Born in the village of Matombo, Lwezi finds herself questioning the traditions and culture which seem to favour men at the detriment of women. Girls are excluded from school and are groomed for marriage from a very young age. Women are seen as sub humans who are born to serve men. At initiation school, as she prepares for her transition from childhood to womanhood, Lwezi makes a thoughtless sacrifice in an attempt to save her friend. She’s taken to Chief Nxumalo’s homestead to answer for her crime in front of the Dale (Gathering of elders). Circumstances take an unexpected twist and she finds herself tangled deeper into the Nxumalo web of secrets. She’s offered a deal she can’t refuse. Will she choose the city and the liberation it offers or will she stay in the patriarchal society she knows and save those who need her help?

    Author: Yvonne Maphosa

  • Grasping at Straws (Book Two) R290.00

    I tried channelling my powers so I could reach the ancestors for help but they all turned their backs on me and their voices fell silent. I felt my gift dwindle away, slowly like someone was sucking the energy right out of my soul. As the last wisp of the strength left my body

    Author: Yvonne Maphosa

  • I Am Ndileka - More Than My Surname R260.00

    Celebrated and honoured across the globe for its bearer’s selfless role in the liberation of South Africa, the name Mandela has become an iconic brand. Nelson Mandela’s life was dedicated to politics and achieving freedom for the oppressed in the country, which left him little time with his children and loved ones. It was not easy growing up a Mandela.
    Ndileka Mandela is a social activist, former ICU nurse and the head of a rural upliftment organisation known as the Thembekile Mandela Foundation. Born to Madiba Thembekile Mandela (Nelson Mandela’s first born), who died in a car accident while his father was in prison, and the eldest grandchild of Nelson Mandela, Ndileka has lived a challenging life – a labyrinth of highs and lows.

    I Am Ndileka tells the story of a woman who has made great stride in society, but still faces many challenges. Even though South Africa has been emancipated from the apartheid regime and so-called gender inequality structures have been removed, women still face oppression and abuse. In October 2017, as part of the #MeToo campaign to denounce sexual violence, Ndileka disclosed for the first time that she had been raped by her then partner in her own bed five years before. Follow Ndileka on her journey as she deals with death in her family, patriarchy, motherhood, depression, being homeless and surviving rape and abuse.

    Along the journey of tackling challenges and expectations that come with her last name – things that she did not ask for but are asked of her nonetheless – Ndileka finds her voice.

    Author: Ndileka Mandela

  • I Was Raped And You Were Born R200.00

    My mother was raped and I was born. This is the scar reminding me of my painful past. Rape is beyond what one may perceive; it leaves trails of physical and emotional scars to any victim.
    With all being said, I perceive life as a relay; it’s all about the finishing line, not the challenges. Do not dismiss yourself from the pitch without the coach’s (God’s) approval.

    Author: Scelo Mncube

  • Iqunga (Hlomu: Book 4) R280.00

    He is speaking in a hushed tone, as if this is a forbidden subject. ‘He said there were twins here, boys. He said their father died on the day they were born.’ He stops and squints as if trying to remember something. ‘I’m not sure if I’m getting the story right, but there were other twins before, but they all died. The father must have done something because these two lived, only them, and then he died. They were good children, that’s what my father said, but then one day they must have been 14 years old…’ He stops when he hears a gasp.
    ‘What happened? What did they do?’ Qhawe asks. ‘They killed a priest. He was one of those that were recruiting people o join a church, and most people here believed him and followed him. He built a school and stuff. The twins went to that school. But he must have made them very angry because…’ ‘How did they kill him?’-Mqhele

    The man shrugs before he speaks. ‘From what I was told, they slit his throat and left him sitting on a chair, bleeding to death.’ There’s silence. The man is telling the story like its an urban legend, but they know, it is a familiar one. ‘Is that what you wanted to know?’ the man asks, looking at Sisekelo. He doesn’t answer. ‘So, what happened to the twins’ mother?’ Qhawe asks. The man sighs deeply. ‘They burnt her alive.’

    Author: Dudu Busani-Dube

  • It's Me, Marah - An Autobiography (Paperback) R250.00

    With a career spanning over 40 years, Marah Louw is counted among South Africa’s musical and entertainment industry royalty and has a powerful and memorable story to tell. This book is the reader’s front-row ticket to the joys, sadness, triumphs and setbacks that have been part of this legend’s life. Even though she is a celebrity, her story aims to show that stars, no matter how bright, are human too. It also delves into her family secrets and her search for truth.
    As one of South Africa’s most iconic entertainers, Marah has had an illustrious career. She performed at the Mandela Concert at London’s Wembley Stadium and she sang at the Newsmaker of the Year Awards, presented to Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk, and in honour of the late Chris Hani. She appeared with Nelson Mandela during his visit to Glasgow in 1993 and sang at George Square and The Royal Concert Hall. In 1994, she sang at the inauguration of President Nelson Mandela and the Freedom Day Celebrations at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

    In 2001, Marah produced the successful musical concert Surf, which featured top South African artists including Hugh Masekela. Marah translated the music of The Lion King into Zulu for the Walt Disney Corporation and performed the theme song Circle of Life in Zulu. She was also an Idols judge from 2003 until 2010.

    She had a lead role on the SABC2 television soap opera Muvhango and has acted in numerous musicals, stage plays and feature films. She is currently acting in the Mzansi Magic telenovela The Queen.

    Author(s): Marah Louw

  • Liwa - Always On Their Minds R250.00

    Childhood friends, Liwa Nile and Noel Glass grow up in Port Alfred bound by hope and pure love for each other. But their deep dark desires bring in sinister trails of lust, murder and unclassified sexual escapades to the heart of Melrose Arch.

    When Liwa loses her beloved father, hear dear friend Noel comes to the rescue. As they grow their architecture business, it emerges that Noel is no ordinary painter. Her love for darkness quickly turns Liwa’s wet bed into a nightmare.

    With every break of dawn, a soul falls. More bodies are soon disappearing and their business is thriving.

    Tyson Manson seeks sexual pleasure. So when a love affair boils over, he discovers more than expected. As he digs deeper into their past, more worms fill in the missing pieces. Will his findings destroy the bondages of a long-standing friendship?



  • Lola's Heart (The Harvard Series Book 2) R260.00

    When a weekend of wicked pleasure drives to such leading headlines;

    “Prophet’s wife comes forward with the shocking news that spell murder in Fire-Fire Ministries.”

    Sowetan LIVE
    In a gruesome twist of events, a Prophet’s wife has come forward with incriminating evidence that spells mayhem for the Fire-Fire Ministries and possibly lead to the life imprisonment of her husband. This is not Ikechukwu’s first brush with the law.

    Several months ago the Apostle was making media waves when the Business magnate Jarred Levine’s daughter accused him of choking her almost to death because he feared that she would expose their whirlwind affair. The Apostle refused charges or that there was even an affair between him and the Jarred Levine’s daughter, Lola.”

    …one wonders will Lola’s Heart survive all the turmoil, horror, murder and disaster that come with a weekend that not only changes her but her family’s lives forever.

    Author: Busisekile Khumalo

  • Mama Ndigeyi R200.00

    Mama Ndigeyi is an IsiXhosa novel written by Madoda Gcwadi in 2020. Mama Ndigeyi (Mother I am Gay) is a novel set in Cape Town and Eastern Cape from the 1976s until the late 1990s. The novel explores the struggles of a young gay man Thozamile, living in homophobic communities and his challenges of falling in love with Samie, a white gay man. Thozamile, the leading character, responds to a religious mother who fails to accept her gay son due to the shame triggered by the church members. It is a novel that possesses the characteristics of a drama. In this novel, Madoda carefully examines his characters’ thoughts and spurs while creating suspense through the risky struggle between love and hate. Appropriate to the drama genre, the themes of this narrative include cultural dynamics, criminality, religion, inequality, self-reliance, racism and love of others. Madoda’s writing style challenges more able readers with complex thread and ironic tone. The narrative engages the general reader until the stimulating ending. Mama Ndigeyi is uniquely appropriate for the young and seniors appealing to readers on many levels.

    Author: Madoda Gcwadi

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    Mess (Hlomu: Book 5) Original price was: R299.00.Current price is: R280.00.

    One of the few guys with no tattoos has been staring at my sneakers for too long and I know he’s trying to figure me out. I have four tattoos, and they are all on my arms. Maybe that will work in my favour, at least they show I can stand pain. I will stand here, in the corner, for the whole night if I have to. I have slept under bridges, I have killed men with their eyes looking into mine. I am Nomafu’s son.

    A cold hand over my mouth and a tight grip pulling my arms back are nothing compared to the knife going repeatedly into my thighs. They aren’t trying to kill me, that I know for sure, because otherwise he would have gouged that knife into my heart by now. The stabs in my thighs are continuous but not deep. I can feel them. It’s my blood they want to see, not my dead body lying on the floor.

    I’m still trying to kick and free myself, though. Screaming for help is not an option. Men don’t scream for help. They fight to the death with their teeth clenched and voice held in their throat. I fight until I can’t move my legs anymore and I know that this is it, I’m dying tonight. I’ve always wanted to take my own life, die on my terms, in my own time. But it’s clear now that I’ll never get what I want in this life. I never have been able to. I feel my mind separating from my body and I know it’s over. I Stop. For the first time in my life, I stop fighting before I win. I’m dead. It’s happening for real this time and I don’t have my brothers to stop me.

    Author: Dudu Busani-Dube

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